NonToxic Hair Care

Chemicals Were Destroying
My Immune System
Cherie Saunders-Guzman

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    For over 20 years, I enjoyed my profession. Twelve years ago, it changed. Each day I experienced new and ever increasing discomforts and health problems. I was suffering from chronic, eczema, fatigue, depression, indigestion, and edema. I had always been a successful cosmetologist, dependent on a world of chemistry. Now my career and my health were deteriorating. Soon, I exhausted the resources of conventional medicine. After multiple tests, and drugs, I was told my problems might be psychosomatic. I looked as bad as I felt. I had a new weight problem. My hair, was falling out in clumps. My skin was covered with eczema. I was confused and scared. Fortunately I found the Environmental Medicine Clinic. There I learned that the chemicals, that I was using every day, were ruining my health, and my clients we're also being affected by the chemicals in these presumably safe hair care products.

    Because of my experience, and a desire to help myself and my clients, I created Chadwick’s Chemically Sensitive Salon. I did a lot of research to create a safer salon environment. Everything had to be taken into consideration: salon products, remodeling materials, water and air filtration, and much more. I now offer a full line of salon services, using nontoxic hair and skin care products. The shampoos and conditioners are natural. The perms and colors I use contain no inorganic or poisonous ingredients.


I am happy to report that since I’ve opened Chadwick’s, my health is rapidly improving. I’d like to invite you to share this knowledge.

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  • 33 years as a hair stylist
  • 25 years as a salon owner
  • Providing nontoxic hair care for 11 years
  • Chadwick’s was the first environmentally safe salon in the country
  • Completed extensive research on the chemicals used in skin and hair care products
  • Reviewed the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) created by the manufacturers of the chemicals in skin and hair care products
  • Consulted environmental chemists
  • Worked with environmental doctors
  • Hired an environmental MD to review product ingredients
  • Conferred with Dr. David Busher, Dr. Louisa Williams, Dr. Melanie Whitaker.
  • Conduct continuous research on the latest in, natural and fragrance-free, skin and hair care products
  • Monitor changes in product formulations
  • Need more information?
  • Order Chadwick's Vital Secrets D.V.D.    


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