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Individuals...Become a healthy hair expert!

Let me help you become informed about
Toxic Hair Care Products!

Q) Are harsh chemicals ruining your beautiful hair?
A) Is your hair dry, brittle, dull and lifeless? This is what the chemicals in your hair care products can do over time.

Q) Could the chemicals in your hair color cause your hair to fall out?
A) Hair loss is the #1 reason most people come to the salon for the first time, after clients change to safer products.  Hair usually grow's back.  ORDER

Q) Are the chemicals in your hair care and cosmetic products making you sick? What are some of the symptoms?
A) Do you have headaches, skin rashes, dizziness, respiratory problems, fatigue, depression, mental confusion, intestinal problems, even weight gain. (Partial list of symptoms.)

 There are 4,000 toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of fragrance!  Research data shows that the chemical solvents used in hair dye and some hair care products have properties that can irritate skin, and can be carcinogenic (cancer causing)!

Q) What ingredient in shampoo could cause Cancer?
A)Sodium Laurel Sulfate is the # 1 most used ingredient in shampoos it is a synthetic detergent that builds up in the heart, liver, lungs & brain, causes skin rashes, hair loss, and has been linked to cancer in some studies.

Q) Are there safer products? What chemicals should you avoid?
A) Yes absolutely! There are thousands of chemicals in products. The first top two ingredients to avoid would be Fragrance and Sodium Laurel Sulfate. Remember even a small amount of a chemical applied to the skin can be in your blood stream in five minutes.


I received your DVD which I found very informative, you really did a great job it was worth the wait!

Teresa Gallison
TG Hair Studio

 This DVD takes the confusion out of what's needed for a healthy home. It includes safe choices for the bedroom,  garden, kitchen, laundry, cleaning, remodeling, pets and your family.


Health Issues For Pregnant Women

Q) Are chemicals in hair and skin care products safe?

A) NO! Chemicals in hair and skin care products are not safe anytime but especially if you are pregnant.

Q) Can chemicals in products you use affect your unborn child?
A) Doctors frequently refer clients to me. Doctors tell their patients that using regular hair dyes and perms while pregnant is not safe for the baby (see Doctors). After I explain about the many toxins contained in hair and skin care products, they never go back to their old products even after giving birth.

Hand sanitizers are making Americans sick!

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Men and Women of Color, learn from Shirley. Find safer ways to achieve the look you want !

What are yo u eating in your lip stick?

Q) What Chemicals are in beauty products?
A) Phenyl ethyl alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone, benzyl acetate, cyclohexanol, linalool are just a few of  the thousands of chemicals manufacturers use in products.

Q) What are safe ingredients and product brands and where can I purchase them?
A) You'll get a list of safe ingredients and product brands, to take with you shopping that will eliminate the confusion. Some products may not be easy to find; I'll tell you how to find them.

Q) Are perms and colors safe?

What about nail polish, makeup and skin care?
A) Perms contain Thioglycolic acid a very toxic chemical. Colors contain Phenylenediamine which can cause cancer. Nail polish usually contains benzene and toluene; these solvents are highly toxic! Skin care products may contain widely used Propylene glycol, as well as many other toxic chemicals. These chemicals can cause a host of health problems!

Q) Do any salons use safe products?
A) There are safe salons; some are better than others. I provide information on where they are.  Recommend this web site to your hair stylist!