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Improve your health!  

Hand sanitizers are making Americans sick!

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Q) Is your profession making you sick?

A) Do you have any of these problems? headaches, skin rashes, dizziness, respiratory problems, fatigue and depression, mental confusion, intestinal problems, trouble breathing,  or unexplained flu  like symptoms? Beauty salons are full of unnatural unhealthy chemicals. Hair sprays, gels, shampoos and conditioners, contain chemicals that can damage your health. Permanent hair color contains coal-tar dyes which, for many years, have been linked to cancer. Perms contain thioglycolic acid. This chemical can cause many health problems. Even just breathing the fumes, put these chemicals into your blood stream. The products you are currently using could damage your health permanently!


Q) Did you know that hair/skin care products contain many chemical ingredients that are untested and unsafe?

A)  I use and recommend perms that contain no poisonous ingredients and are gentle to hair and scalp. I use safe permanent hair color that leaves hair soft with natural highlights. There are also shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses, sprays, skin care, makeup, and nail products that are safe to use!  They work just as well, if not better than the product your probably currently using!


Q) How do you establish a non-toxic salon?

A) There are many issues to consider. In my DVD for salons you will get all the information you need. You literally get a Franchise on a DVD! I discuss location, interior and exterior considerations, products, ingredients, legal issues plus lots more. Nontoxic materials are not always easy to find. I have researched and used a number of sources that I recommend on my DVD's

This site also offers a news letter that  will keep you updated on product and ingredient changes, because manufacturers often change them without notice.

Q) How can you build a new loyal clientele?

A) You'll have waiting lists for appointments! Clients that are informed or ill have very few choices for hair care. They can not go to a regular salon. When they find a safe salon, they become loyal customers. There are very few Natural, Nontoxic salons,  you could be the "first" salon in your area to offer safer hair and skin care. This will be a whole new market with little competition! "The trend is now toward more natural products and services!"  

Hello Cherie,
I would like to know more about the Chadwick product line you mention  on the Vital Secrets DVD.

I opened my salon three weeks ago and I would like to try the Chadwick products in my salon.

The DVD is very informative, each time I watch it I pick up something new.

Ellie A. Fairchild
Organic Hair Care Salon
Utica, Ohio

Do you want an instant huge new clientel?
Order Chadwick's Vital Secrets for a Natural Nontoxic Salon DVD

After you've opened your safe salon be sure to register it on this web site!!
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Chadwick's Vital Secrets for a Natural and Non Toxic Salon DVD

       What's included and what will you learn on the DVD?

  • Learn about Chemical Sensitivity
  • Information from two very respected Doctors who are experts in this field.
  • Learn how to change your life style to look and feel great!
  • Products that are safe you can purchase locally.
  • Recommendations for readily available and hard to find products.
  • Ingredient lists that will take the confusion out of shopping.
  • Lists of helpful books, web sites and groups to join.
  • The information you need to open a non toxic salon. 
  •  I have developed a program of hair care for African American men & women, and men & women of color that is SAFE and really works.
  • Step by step demonstrations for the SAFE color's, foils,on scalp bleach and perms. You will get fool proof results the very first time you use these SAFE products.
  • Color formulas and styling techniques.
  • Our expert esthetician gives step by step instructions for SAFE Facials, Manicures, Pedicures and Reflexology. 
  • Learn how to market your non toxic salon.
  • Legal issues discussed.
  • D.V.D. also includes 27 PDF files with many years of research.
SPECIAL ADDITION HEALTHY HOME DVD This DVD takes the confusion out of what's needed for a healthy home. It includes safe choices for the bedroom,  garden, kitchen, laundry, cleaning, remodeling, pets and your family.